Chemical Peel

 What is it about?

There are two types of skin peels- Superficial and Medium-depth Peel. Both are very safe and effective in achieving a uniform exfoliation of the surface and lower layers of the epidermis. Regular peels give your skin a healthy glow and slow down skin ageing.

Superficial Peel: Advanced Rejuvenation Peels that are performed with a succession of exfoliating agents, such as Glycolic acid, Lactic acid, Salicylic acid, Mandelic acid and Trichloro acetic acid. These are simple one hour treatments, requiring no down time. The skin is refreshed immediately after the session and mild flakes of dead skin are exfoliated 3 to 4 days later.

High Concentrations of Trichloroacetic Acid used to achieve a chemical eye lift, rejuvenation of the back of the hands, treatment of acne and acne scars on the back and decollete.

Organic Peels: are performed by massaging the skin with an organic extract that has significant exfoliating and collagen stimulating properties. This simple half hour procedure yields slightly flushed glowing skin and the full benefits continue to manifest several days later, with enhanced skin tightening and radiance.

Medium-depth Peels: Krulig Peel is a synergistic complex of acids which safely and effectively penetrate into the lower dermal layers of skin. The Krulig Peel is reserved for more advanced cases of ageing, acne and pigmented skins.

Is this procedure right for you?

The outermost layer of the skin, the ‘epidermis’, is directly responsible for the appearance and the suppleness of the skin. Hence an increase in the rate of renewal of the epidermal layer of skin with regular peels is an effective treatment for:

Ageing skin

Sun damage

Uneven skin tone

Acne scars

Fine lines and wrinkles

Age spots

Active Acne

Wrinkles on the back of the hands

How does it work?

Skin peels are highly effective in giving the skin an immediate glow that spells health and vitality. Peels are often used to treat sun damage on the face, hands and larger body areas such as the arms, back and legs. Peels remove the outer layers of the skin, a process which acts as a natural stimulus to produce new skin cells with more collagen and elastin, resulting in a significant refining effect. In addition, peels render the skin more permeable to the active ingredients in derma cosmeceutical skin care products resulting in more effective absorption of anti-ageing compounds such as anti-oxidants and peptides.

What should you expect after treatmnet?

For the first 3 days your skin will become very dry and at the end of the third day, it will begin to peel. Some dark blotches may occur and the skin may look more wrinkled. This is due to the dryness caused by the peeling agents.

Undergoing routine peels is an integral part of any anti-ageing regimen and skin refining programme, Typically this starts by an intensive protocol of weekly peels lasting for 4 to 6 weeks, followed by monthly maintenance sessions.

Reactions to chemical peels are dependent on the type of peel undertaken.

A glycolic peel causes immediate softening of the skin without any visible post treatment reddening, making them very popular as quick and effective ‘lunchtime’ treatments. There is no obvious peeling of the skin, so no need to take any time off work or limit social activities.

Jessner peels cause an immediate effect similar to mild or moderate sunburn, depending on the number of layers applied and skin preparation. The redness generally lasts for 24 hours and is followed by a tightening sensation as the outer dead layers of skin dry and then are shed over the next 7 days. It is important to avoid using any glycolic or alcohol based skin products during this period. Instead, patients are advised to apply a simple moisturiser as often as required. Do not pick at the peeling skin during the first 5 days. These peels are wonderful for the treatment of acne, but are usually not done as a first step in our acne programme.

Miami peel system are scientifically formulated blends of many complementary ingredients offering a broad spectrum of benefits to improve all skin types. They combine a variety of exfoliating acids(Lactic& Citric acid, salicylic acid), skin lightening agents(Hydroquinone), retinoid esters, antioxidants and skin strengthening agents to provide you optimum benefits with minimal discomfort and no downtime.

Maintaining your new skin

Not everyone wants to have a chemical peel every time their skin starts to dull again or become congested. A great way to minimise the frequency of needing a peel is to have regular Microdermabrasion treatments every 1-2 months. Microderm varies a lot between spas and devices, but our deluxe microderms are a fabulous hour long session involving a lot more than just a quick microderm once-over!