Laser Genesis and Coolglide Treatment (including birthmark removal)

In a harsh climate like Australia’s, unsightly blood vessels and vascular blemishes are very common yet are remarkably easy to treat with medical lasers.

Suitable conditions for laser treatment include:

  • Facial capillaries (telangectasia), Port wine stains, Spider veins, Haemangiomas
  • Rosacea
  • Warts
  • Blue veins around the eyes

How does the laser treatment work?

The diffuse background redness of rosacea and a ruddy complexion is best treated with a combination of the IPL (intensed pulsed light) and Genesis lasers, while individual dilated capillaries and haemangiomas respond best to the CoolGlide laser system. These lasers specifically target the red colour of the blood vessels, without damaging any surrounding structures and are very very popular.

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Laser light will not cause skin cancer because the light has had all harmful and unnecessary wavelengths (including UV light) removed, to leave only the wavelength required for selective treatment of the target lesion. It is perfectly safe for pregnant women and children.

Does it hurt?

The concentrated light beam can be felt on the skin’s surface but is largely tolerated as a minor stinging or warmth sensation. Local anaesthetic can be used if necessary, but is rarely needed. Most often, clients describe the Laser Genesis procedure as feeling similar to sitting slightly too close to an open fire..very warm, but not hot enough to cause pain or a burning sensation.

What does a treatment involve?

Treatments vary depending on the condition and choice of laser used. Treatments generally take 20mins, and are a walk in-walk out procedure. Most lasers today incorporate built in cooling for maximal patient comfort. Some laser procedures require the application of gel to the skin, whilst others involve a cooling sterile water spray before, during and after the laser treatment. Safety glasses are worn by all occupants in the room (including visitors) to protect the eyes from the laser beam.

What happens after a treatment?

A cold compress may be applied before and after the procedure to minimise any heat produced. It is then important to avoid using any products which may irritate the treated skin, which remains sensitive for several days after each treatment. Redness will usually only last for up to one day. Some laser treatments may cause some minor crusting of the skin. Do not pick at any crusts formed. It is advisable to sleep on an extra pillow on the first evening following a treatment. Avoid sun exposure to the treated areas especially in the week following the laser treatment.

Side Effects

There may be some temporary redness of the treated area for up to a few days, though in many cases it is only for a few hours. Minor crusting of the area may occasionally occur, as may swelling around the eyes the day after a treatment. It is not normal to expect blistering or scarring. People with olive or brown skin may sometimes experience temporary discolouration of the skin which usually resolves within 4 weeks, especially if reported to Dr Kraft immediately.

How many treatments are necessary?

This will depend on the condition being treated. More extensive conditions will usually require a series of treatments one month apart, while simple lesions often resolve after only a single treatment.

Laser birthmark removal

Birthmarks come in many types, some are predominantly red in colour, others are predominantly brown.

Vascular birthmarks, such as port wine stains and other malformations, strawberry naevi (capillary haemangiomas or haemangiomas of infancy) and stork marks are quite commonly seen.

Whilst stork marks and many haemangiomas of infancy are often transient in nature, and will frequently resolve without the need for medical intervention, other vascular lesions may continue to grow and can be of significant distress to both the patient and the patient’s family.

At Phoenix wellness clinic, we are able to treat vascular birthmarks using a combination of laser modalities, most often with the Coolglide laser. As there is a Medicare rebate for laser treatment of a birthmark, all treatments of birthmarks are performed by Dr Kraft, and a series of treatments preceded by a test patch, will be required.

The exact cost will depend on the size of the birthmark and a quote can only be obtained by consulting Dr Kraft.

Pigmented birthmarks are also very common in the general community, and often don’t require treatment unless they are very disfiguring or distressing to the patient. Again, the treatment is done with laser, though usually with the Medlite C6, and again it is a Medicare rebatable procedure requiring a series of treatments.

Pigmented birthmarks suitable for treatment include Naevus of Ota and Cafe au lait marks. Please contact us for an approximate estimate of treatment cost.

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