Laser Hair Removal

Medical Experts in Laser Hair Removal

  • All skintypes- including olive/tanned
  • Saturday treatments available
  • All treatments performed by onsite medical practitioner

Throughout history, from as early as the ancient Egyptians, women in particular have sought ways of removing excess body hair. The Egyptians in fact, preferred to remove all traces of hair using a pumice stone! Fortunately, these days it is much easier and far less painful, to remove hair with laser.

How does the laser treatment work?

The Coolglide laser from Cutera, is one of the most powerful Nd YAG laser available, and can be used on any skin colour, unlike Diode, Ruby and Alexandrite (eg Gentlelase) lasers. Its powerful nature allows deeper penetration than many other lasers, allowing more effective treatment of thicker skin areas like the back. It also has the flexibility of small spot sizes to allow for treatment of small areas as in laser eyebrow shaping.

The Coolglide laser works by specifically targeting the brown (melanin) colour of the pigment in the hair follicle, without damaging any surrounding structures. It is unrealistic to expect 100% permanent hair removal, though some clients do experience that. Following a series of treatments, the laser will permanently reduce approximately 85% of dark hair in the ideal fair skinned patient. For those with darker skin this percentage falls to approx. 70%. Residual hair will be significantly lighter and finer in texture than the original hair.

Example of Underarm hair removal


Image: Supplied by Cutera


Laser light will not cause skin cancer because the light has had all harmful and unnecessary wavelengths (including UV light) removed, to leave only the wavelength required for selective treatment of the target lesion.

Other routine safety features used at Phoenix Wellness Clinic are protective eyewear, doorlocks, built in smoke extractors, laser room signage. All of these features are a demonstration of our committment to laser safety- which should be routinely expected by both our customers, and also our staff.

Does it hurt?

With special Zimmer cooling system, it allows the skin to be cooled during the procedure. Such cooling substantially reduces the sensation usually associated with hair laser treatments, and dramatically increases the safety profile.

What does a treatment involve?

Following initial test patching, the hair will usually be shaved prior to treatment. It is important to leave the root of the hair intact in the skin, so do not wax or pluck the hair prior to your treatment. Shaving or depilating the hair will reduce both pain, smoke and the chance of burning the skin. In the case of laser hair treatment with the Coolglide, a gel is applied to the skin surface and this further reduces the chance of burning. Safety glasses are worn to protect the eyes from the laser beam. Treatments can last from 15 mins to 1 hour. Soothing gel is applied after the treatment.

What happens after a treatment?

It is important to avoid using any products which may irritate the treated skin, which may remain sensitive for 1-2 days after each treatment. Avoid sun exposure (and solarium use) to the treated areas for 4 weeks before and after each treatment. Refrigerated aloe vera gel can be extremely soothing and can be applied as often as needed!

Side Effects

There may be some temporary redness of the treated area for up to one day. It is not normal to expect blistering, crusting or scarring. People with darker skin may occasionally experience temporary discolouration of the skin which will resolve within 2-6 months, though this is far less common than with many other devices. Any discolouration should be immediately reported to staff, as with medical treatment from Dr Kraft, the duration of discolouration can be dramatically shortened.

How many treatments are necessary?

Most people will require a series of about six treatments, usually spaced six weeks apart. Some people with underlying hormonal problems may require maintenance treatments.

How much does it cost?

Laser hair removal varies in cost depending on the time taken, area being treated, and the type of laser device being used.

Treatments with Dr Kraft are booked at a minimum charge of $120.

Who performs the treatment?

All laser hair removal treatments at Phoenix wellness clinic are performed only by Dr Kraft and  our trained staff.