Consultations / Mole Check


Drs Kraft  are  reknown for providing a very high quality, detailed assessment of all new client’s skin concerns.

Your assessment begins with your detailed registration form, which will include not only a standard medical history checklist, but also extends to detailed questioning about your current skincare routine and products used.

New clients often come with a list of specific concerns and fears or a history of previous problems. Some clients will be anxious to avoid having any treatment on the day of their initial consultation. This is quite alright and you can rest assured that we will not pressure you to make a decision about any treatment on the spot. In fact, it is often a good idea to take the reading material home and ‘digest’ it over the next few days or weeks!

Please note that all information provided to our doctors, and to any other member of our team, is treated with the utmost confidence, and you can be assured that all members of our team are given training in the Medical Records Act, and Privacy Acts to ensure that your confidential information is respected at all times.

Mole Check

mole check

Detailed photographic analysis of your skin using our Digital Mole Scanning will allow us to get a detailed and accurate record of your skin’s problems.  Initial mole scanning image analysis  will incur a charge of $130, with subsequent assessments within a 12month period being free of charge.

How much does a consultation with Drs Kraft cost?

Initial weekday consultations (30mins) cost $130, and are usually partly Medicare rebatable. All initial and review consultations require a valid credit card number for confirmation of the booking, in the name of the patient (or parent if patient is a minor). These details are securely held on our software, and can be viewed by management only.  If you don’t have a credit card, then a 50% deposit (cheque/money order/cash) should be arranged and sent at the time of the booking.

If you are seeing Drs Kraft for a purely cosmetic follow up purpose, there is no Medicare rebate, and in many (though not all) cases these fees are waived altogether.

We value your time, and endeavour to keep to schedule as much as possible. If you know that you will be unable to keep that appointment it is your responsibility to advise us urgently within business hours. We know that occasionally life can bring its own last minute challenges, despite the best arrangements. If you believe that your circumstances prevented you from being able to follow our etiquette procedures, please let us know! We are not ogres, but just expect mutual respect.