Hormone Tuning


The quest for eternal youth is unfortunately one that can never be totally sustained, but it can be held on to longer with some understanding of the physical and environmental concerns that age the appearance.

Intrinsic ageing is a continuous process that usually begins in the mid-20’s but doesn’t become evident for decades. Collagen production begins to slow and elastin has less spring. Dead skin cells do not shed as quickly and turnover of new skin cells decreases.

As we age the level of hormones in our bodies will also decline. While some decrease is normal, many people will experience a variety of side effects from this decline in hormone levels that can dramatically affect their energy levels, skin condition and general sense of wellbeing.

Phoenix Wellness Clinic offers a screening system designed to check for these deficiencies which can then be treated. Dr Kraft has a special interest and expertise in hormone tuning and balancing for both men and women. This can include the use of bio-identical hormones for the treatment of hormonal deficiencies.

Risks and Side Effects

We believe is important that all patients are properly informed about the treatments they are about to undertake. The practice of medicine is not an exact science and no guarantee can be made concerning expected results. Patients are advised that any hormone treatment, even with bio-identical hormones is not absolutely safe and totally free from side effects in all cases.

However controversy exists whether or not sex hormones should be used to treat hormonal deficiencies in patients who have undertaken treatment for prostate cancer and remain asymptomatic for more than two years.

Currently there is no consensus between Oncologists, Urologists, Endocrinologist and Anti-Ageing Physicians on this matter. Therefore to avoid any possible litigations you are required to give formal written consent prior to undertaking any hormone treatments. Side effects are usually specific to hormones which are used to treat deficiency. For example, if Thyroid hormones are used then one may expect increased heart rate and even palpitations.

Hormone deficiency and treatment is a complex issue that is best discussed with Dr Kraft who can provide advice specific to your situation.