A revolution to mark the second generation instant lifting creams.




    • NMF – Natural moisturizing factors (9 %)
    • Perfluorohexans (10 %), is known throughout the scientific world as the best Oxygen carrier. Perfluohexans re-oxygenates the cells and removes toxic elements (carbon dioxide) through molecule differentiation and substitution. The enriched oxygen transported by the perflurohexane is diffused from a high-pressure region to a low-pressure region. Cleaned of carbon dioxide, the cells are able to recover a natural metabolism and restore their “bio-pathways”.  It instantly boosts volume through a double effect:  –  A Lipid-like filling (no fat). Usually, this type of effect is obtained by using fat cells and does not last long, as the esters penetrate rapidly into the lower layers of the epidermis. Here, various molecule masses and half-lives are grouped together to maximise the length of time it acts on the dermis. –  An “ice-like” effect on the cement between the cells, which leads to an increase in volume of 10 to 15%, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
    • The cream’s dielectric properties reduce the electrical stimuli that generate tension and muscle contraction, acting on the glabellar muscles, which relax, find a natural position and immediately improve skin appearance by reducing wrinkles (may be highlighted via tests on half the face).
    • Macadamia oil – Contains an anti-pollution chelating agent
    • Apricot stone oil 4.5% – maximises moisturisation, without creating a sheen.
    • Vitamins A, B, C, E and F (Omega 6).
    • UV Filters

It contains no fatty oils so is non greasy allowing make up to be applied directly over the top of it. This cream is suitable for all skin types and ages and can be used as a replacement for day and night creams

The results:

After 1 minute:

o    Lifting effect

o    Moisturising the skin deep down

After 8 days:

o   Increased volumization (10-50%)

o   Moisturization (>50%)

o  Removes surface wrinkles

After 28 days: After continuous use, ISOBOT OXYLIFT ™ cream’s effects persist for 11 days without the need for a further application.

A clinical study has shown an increase in moisture and volume of over 50% from the 8th day. 

Manufactured by: Laboiratoire Mediecos International, France