Acne Cosmealan


acne cosmealan

Cosmetic method specifically formulated to attack directly the cutaneous blemishes of oily and/or acne skin types.

Oily or acneic skin types: it is a problem that can affect youngsters and adults due to hormonal changes during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy or other external factors as pollution, nutrition habits, stress etc.



The blemishes in oily skins are produced by:

1. An increase of sebum secretion. The skin looks shinny, oily with dilated pores.

2.Dead skin cells accumulate obstructing pores and provoking blackheads, pimples, open pores or spots. This process can get worse and give rise to acne.

3. Increase of the bacterial activity of the skin: due to the increase of oil production and clogged pores, ideal conditions are created for the increase of bacterial growing.

4. Cutaneous swelling: appearance of swelling and irritation typical of spots, rashes, pimples and blackheads.

Cosmelan Active System combines a range of active ingredient of natural and chemical origin that diminish and erase the main cutaneous manifestations of oily and acneic skin types.

Cosmelan Active System achieves a soft clean and impurity free skin in two easy steps.

  1. Intensive In Clinic Method

Cosmelan Active System Professional Treatment Pack:

Cosmelan Active System Degreasing Solution: A unique solution for in clinic application by the professional used to clean, purify, degrease and moisturise the skin in one step.

Cosmelan Active System Mask: Contains active ingredients which promote healing with an astringent effect, exfoliating and keratolytic properties, reduce skin sebum and control further oil production.

  1. Home Maintenance

As a continuation of the in clinic cosmetic method, a simple three step system has to be applied.

  1. Clean with Cosmelan Active System Facial Gel Cleanser: to softly clean oily skins with impurities. Applied daily morning and night.
  2. Moisturise with Cosmelan Active System Maintenance Cream: Helps with superficial cell turnover and prevents clogged pores, improving the elimination of excessive sebum. Applied daily morning and night.
  3. Cosmelan Active System Spot Treatment: occasional spot treatment which regulates oil production and speeds healing of cutaneous acneic breakouts.