Albury aesthetic & anti-ageing medicine 

Phoenix Wellness Clinic provides personalized, professional cosmetic medical care, and combines both aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine to help our clients not only look great, but feel better as well.

We provide strategies to optimize health, longevity and self image, as well as a range of services in areas such as skin treatments, non-surgical Fat reduction treatment, varicose vein treatments, lesion removal, muscular skeletal conditions and much more.

Phoenix Wellness Clinic is much more than needles and lasers; it is a holistic approach to anti ageing. Age-management is all about healthy ageing using integrative and evidence-based medicine combined with lifestyle management. It’s a proactive approach to healthcare with a focus on maintaining the best possible heath for each patient. Preventing the external signs of ageing requires a delicate balance of aesthetic therapies integrated with internal wellness medicine.

At Phoenix Wellness Clinic we understand that internal wellness and aesthetic medicine are strongly related. The saying “beauty from within” is actually a scientific truth.

Our medical services are quite extensive and wide ranging. They include the following: